Laminated Fabrics, which are capable of absorbing the maximum amount of the harmful biological and chemical agents
The suit prevents the person from the immediate effect of such toxins
These suits are specifically designed for warfare where protection from Biological, Chemical and Nuclear weapons is required
In modern warfare it has been witnessed that frequent use of biological and chemical weapon is common. Especially in Iraq, during the I and II Gulf war there were instances when the US - Allied forces got exposed to lethal toxins. Under the category of biological weapons the most common are Anthrax, E.Coli, Bubonic Plague, Ebola virus, etc. The chemical weapons include Mustard gas, Nerve Agents, Phosgene, VX gas etc.
The Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons are so destructive that this happens to be the ultimate weapon of choice for the terrorist as these are capable of wide spread loss of life, which makes it absolutely necessary
Those areas where the above mentioned highly destructive biological and chemical weapon are spread during warfare
We are already in process of developing NBC suits having extended withstanding capacity to these toxins
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