BABY MAT (SofTouch)
A soft mattress made from subtle feel fleece fabric laminated with waterproof film gives extra cushioning effect and provides comfort to babies
Being vinyl and phthalate free causes no harm to the delicate skin of baby and also shows no signs of hardening or yellowing over a period of time
Even if baby's face is wrapped in the mat because of the unique design of the product suffocation is avoided
Being waterproof, it will not allow any incontinent to pass through and soil the underlying mattress
Used as a mattress for babies in the age group of upto four years of old
Can be used as mattress inside the Baby's crib
It can also be laid on a regular bed
Size selection is essential when it is to be used in crib as it has to fit inside it
The size can be customized as per requirement
Available in various attractive colors
BABY MAT (SofTouch)

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