Cottons - Woven
- Knitted
Polyesters - Woven
- Non-woven
- Knitted
- Open-mesh
Nylons - Woven
- Knitted
Blends - Polyester Cotton
- Polyester Viscose
Fibreglass - Woven
Polypropylene - Woven
- Non-woven
Polymer Compounds
PVC - Poly Vinyl Chloride   PVC Modified with Acrylic
PU - Poly Urethane   PVC Modified with Rubber
TPU - Thermoplastic Poly Urethane   Copolyester
TPO - Thermo Plastic Olefin   Copolyaramide
EVA - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate    
Fabric to Fabric
Fabric to PU foam
Fabric to PE foam and EVA foam
Fabric to Board
PU foam to PU film
PU foam to PVC film
PU foam to PSA coated paper
Woven fabric to non woven felt
PTFE Membranes and Films with PUR dot Coating
Fabrication Facilities
In our state of the art inhouse fabrication facilities, we use the following welding techniques:
  • Hot air
  • Hot wedge
  • HF welding
Fire Retardancy Anti Fraying
Camouflage Low Temperature Flexibility
Waterproofing Oil Resistance
Water Repellency Breathability
UV Resistance Antistatic
Flexing Vapour Barrier
Adhesion Strength High Breaking Strength
Scratch Resistance High Tearing Strength
Capabilities : What we do
We laminate any number of flat substrates ...
We fabricate our products to customized applications ...
to give you the mix of properties you need.