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Entremonde Polyecoaters Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter from India of Technical Textiles, namely, PVC Coated Fabrics, PU Coated fabrics, Laminated fabrics, bonded fabrics, SPECIALITY FABRICS, TPU Coated Fabrics, TPO Coated Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Awnings, Flexible Water Tanks, Fabrics for Defence, Baby Bed Protector, SofTouch, Mattress Protector, Fabric for Ladies Accessories, Biogas Cover, Breathable Waterproof Fabric, AC Dusting Fabric, Blackout Fabric, Blackout Curtain, Oil Boom Fabric, Primary & Secondary Oil Seals, Aluminized Fiberglass Fabric Ironing Cloth, Truck Canopy, Fumigation Cover, Shipping Container Covers, Machinery Covers, Sheds Agricultural Storage Covers, TPU Coated Fabric, Flexible Water Tank, AC Ducting Fabric, Flexible Hose Fabric, Blackout Fabric, Oil Boom Fabric, Secondary Oil Seal, Coated Fibreglass Fabric, Aluminized Fabric, Ironing Cloth, Fire Fighter Suit, PVC COATED COVERS,TARPAULINS, Truck Covers, Bio Gas Balloons, Fumigation Covers, Shipping Container Covers, Machinery Covers, Sheds, Agricultural Storage Covers, Awning Fabrics, Tents, SPORTS GOODS, Tennis Net Linning, Cricket Pitch Covers, Swimming Pool Covers, Boxing Punch Bags, Judo Mat, Trampoline, Groundsheet, Rafter - Polyaramid /Aircraft Emergency Escape Slide, Waterproof Breathable Fabric, Camouflage Products, Multipurpose Poncho Suits, Reflective Nylon Fabric, Navy Awnings, Gun Covers, High Altitude Tents, Revetment Fabric, Shelter Cladding, NBC Protection Suits, Hand Gloves and Haversack Fabric, Hoods and Soft Canopy, Noise Dampening Products, Heat Insulation Materials, Car Upholstery, Car Interiors, Roof Liners, Autorickshaw Hoods, BONDED FABRICS, Baby Mat (SofTouch), Garments and Furnishings, Mattress Protectors, Sportswear, Foam Fabric Laminate, LEATHER LOOK FABRICS, Exclusive Fabrics For Ladies Handbag, Purse, Exclusive Fabrics For Ladies Footwear, Shoe Fabric, We can fabricate with Hot Air, High Frequency and Heat Sealing, We can offer properties like Fire Retardancy, Camouflage, Waterproof, Water Repellent, UV Resistant, Flexing, Adhesion Strength, Scratch Resistance, Antifraying, Low Temperature Flexibilty, Oil Resistant, Breathable, Antistatic, Vapour Barrier, High Breaking Strength, High Tearing Strength.